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ADAPT Drug Testing

Our mission from the beginning has been to deliver quality outpatient prevention, education and treatment services to individuals with substance abuse issues who have come in contact with the legal system. Our belief was that court-mandated clients represented the largest interface between substance abusers and their opportunity for healthy change. We further believed that this population was under-served due to the adversarial relationship that existed between the traditional counseling culture and court systems. While both entities sought to improve the lives of substance abusers / offenders, and reduce recidivism, the advantages generated by collaboration were not being effectively deployed. We believed that directly confronting denial, holding clients accountable, and utilizing the advantages gained through the behavioral compliance provided by the court system offered a unique opportunity for the client, as well as the counseling community and the courts.

We have been honored to be a part of the strengthening relationship between the counseling community and the courts, and have been privileged to be involved in significant advancements in our profession such as the rise of Drug Treatment Courts and Sobriety Courts. We believe more strongly than ever that collaboration between the counseling community and the court systems is producing unprecedented results for our clients, our profession, the courts, and the communities we serve.

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